AW015 Dynamic Propeller Spraying Stencil Set

Dynamic Propeller Spraying Stencil Set

For applying warning colors around our dynamic propellers.
This set of stencils covers all of our 1:72 and 1:48 propeller sizes.

On each of the propeller there's a 1mm center hole, also on each of the discs provided with the stencil set. The idea is to select a disc of appropriate size (that is slightly smaller than the diameter of the propeller), align it with the dynamic propeller (by pushing something like a toothpick through the holes on both objects), and spray the warning color with this mask over the propeller. The disc would cover the inner areas on the propeller, so the warning color would only apply in a uniform ring around edge of the propeller.

Some the discs are composite groups, so there are more diameters to choose from, since propeller diameters are across a wide spectrum.

There were warning colors not applied to very edge of the propeller blades, especially WWI, some were applied a little distance from the very tips.
If one of the composite group suited that type of propeller (outer diameter of the hollowed ring was smaller than maximum diameter), then modeler could spray the warning color in 1 pass.
If none of the "hollowed rings" from the composite groups was suitedr, then 2 discs of appropriate sizes would need to be selected, and 3 passes of spray would be necessary (base color (black or grey) sprayed over the entire propeller --> warning color sprayed with the smaller disc masking --> base color sprayed again with the bigger disc masking).

Using a stack of masks (of different diameters) could also produce rainbow colored warning graphics in the same fashion described above.


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