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You'll find the following categories in our product catalog:

1:35 - The primary scale for military vehicles, diorama and figure miniatures. We make accessories ranging from grill mesh to vehicle conversions, employing photoetched, resin, decal, machined metal and many other materials.
1:24 1:48 1:72 - We also dabbed into these scales. 1:35 isn't always the ideal choice, has to do with size of the subject in real life.

1:350 - A popular scale for ship models, especially modern warships, from pre-dreads and dreadnoughts to nuclear submarines, one can expect to find virtually any maritime subject in this scale. Our focus here is in WWII warships, details and updates to help improving plastic kits. Also items for use in shipyard dioramas, tugboats, cranes….
1:700 - While many think the scale was too small for a single ship (excluding aircraft carriers of course), it's perfect for naval dioramas. From a fishing village (foot by a foot) to a naval base (size of a table), the possibilities are endless. Employing cutting edge technologies and production methods, we produce components for 1:700 dioramas that are so intricate you’ll freak when you see them :-)

Besides stencils, templates, decals and details, we also make these imitative spinning propellers called "prop blur". Try it, add some motion to your still display.

OCD modelers are always looking for accuracy, and it is satisfying when one accomplishes something that’s totally “right”. One can’t be counting rivets all the time though. Have a little fun.

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